My favorite salad


Hello everyone!

This is my first post and honestly, I’m a bit nervous. I have that enthusiastic feeling full of hope that you will like this blog and share and make comments for each post you see here.

I am starting my blog with food. Why? You may wonder. Because we are what we eat. To show you who I am, (at least one part of me, haha) I’m going to show you some cool, easy and healthy or close to healthy recipes, that I use almost every day in my kitchen. I love cooking. Even before I started my weight loss journey I loved cooking and eating at home. Now I love it even more. It’s cheaper, healthier and fun to explore new recipes, mixing unmixable ingredients and making something tasty, which I thought I could never eat before.

I remember back in my parents’ home how my mom knew how to prepare a dinner with just a few things she would find in her kitchen. And she was always saying it’s easy to be a good cook if you have full fridge, but can you be a good one without it. And she really was, and still is a good cook. But me!? I’m still the one that needs to have full fridge to be a good cook. But I use simple ingrediants and recipes.
My countries cuisine is not so healthy I can say, but its healthier than all this junk fast food everyone is offering around every corner, at least. In Bosnian cuisine, dough is used a lot, for different kind of pastries. Bosnian people cannot live without bread. Take away from them everything but not bread. That’s a must with every meal. So, when you grow up in this kind of environment, it is hard to start new chapter, where you can eat those stuffs just occasionally or never. I remember few years ago, when I told my mom I’m not eating bread anymore. It was like I committed some kind of sin. Than questioning, finding a reason for it, threatening, silence and at the end acceptance. But still I could hear her saying to others how I started refusing bread, how I’m going to make myself sick, and so on and on.

Now is different, not eating some kind of food is not just a phase it’s who I am now. It’s something I try to maintain for a long time. But I needed to go away, to live far away from my family, so I could start understanding myself, my body and to question and enjoy every piece of healthy food that’s coming into my mouth. Now I cook whatever I want and luckily my husband loves all the things I’m preparing. Which is great plus, to have someone to support you. But only If you have strong will everything is possible. You can start eating healthy, and be healthy. You can make a decision today.

Today I’m going to share with you my favorite salad. I could call it chicken salad.
It contains all nutritious needed, it’s delicious, light, and when you start eating it, you can’t stop. You can eat it as lunch or as regular salad with some light dinner.

Trust me, ones you try it, you’ll wish to make it again, and again, and again!

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Preparation time: 20 min. | Persons: 2

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3 cups lettuce, shredded

1 chicken breast

1 tsp salt

1 tsp curry

1 tsp olive oil

black paper to taste

1 cup sweet corn

1 cup grape tomato, halves

1 avocado (without it, is just as delicious), cubed

2 tbsp. croutons

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Cut chicken breasts into small cubes. In a pan put it together with olive oil, salt, curry and black pepper. Mix occasionally. It’s done when there is no more water inside and it gets nice yellow-brown color.

Now just mix all the ingredients and voila. It’s done. That simple. Enjoy it.

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